Under 14 & 10 National Chess Championships Report

Sandifords sweep under 14 and under 10 chess championship

The Sandiford clan can be very proud as brothers Kyle Sandiford (Harrison College) and Leigh Sandiford(Providence) won the Under 14 and Under 10 national chess championships respectively as action concluded in these tournaments last week at the Harrison College venue.

Kyle Sweeps Under 14

After 6 rounds of play, Kyle finished on a perfect score of 6 points a clear point ahead of the second and third place finishers Shane Maughn(Queens College) and Tor Burrowes of Harrison College. Going into the last round, Kyle was already a point ahead of four other players in the chasing pack but showed no mercy as he defeated a lack lustre Cody Jack – Sargeant of the Lodge School.

In this final round Burrowes defeated Aaron Haynes to reach 5 points as well as Shane Maughn won form Azari Gittens. Burrowes finished in second ahead of Maughn on tie-break.

Other last round victors were Zachary Brathwaite, Michael Gangaram, Tyrese King, Tyson Holder, Joshua Burke, Miles Strauhgn, Gabrianna Moore and Tristan Small. Achebe Boyce and Tazia Sobers battled to a hard fought draw as Boyces time elapsed but Tazia had no material to mate him with.

Leigh Sweeps Under 10

Young Leigh Sandiford emulated his brother by winning all of his five games in the under 10 section to also achieve a memorable family feat. When Leigh defeated his closest rival Jerem Gitttens of Charles F Broome in round five, no other player in the field was in striking distance. Gittens finished in second on 3 points, while Jadyn Gill finished on 2 points in third position, just ahead of Nicholas Russel on tie-break.


Players battling in the Under 14 & Under 10 national chess championship Leigh Sandiford of Providence School, the Under 10 national chess champion Kyle Sandiford, left battling Shane Maughn