Michael Forde Memorial Tournament 2015

VENUE The Chess Centre, Cavans Lane, Bridgetown

FORMAT Six Round Swiss

TIME CONTROL 30 mins sudden death

DATES Saturday November 28 and Sunday November 29, 2015

TIE BREAKS Individual Result, Bucholz, Median- Bucholz,

Registration Fee $ 10.00 BDS

Fide Rapid rated


Saturday Nov. 28th 4:00 p.m-4:25 p.m Registration
Saturday Nov. 28th 4:30p.m Round 1
Saturday Nov. 28th 5:30p.m Round 2
Saturday Nov. 28th 6:30 p.m Round 3
Saturday Nov. 28th 7:30p.m Round 4
Sunday Nov 29th 4:00 p.m Round 5
Sunday Nov 29th 5:00p.m Round 6
Sunday Nov 29th 6:00p.m Round 7

Prizes: 1st = BCF Membership (for one year) + entry fee for one national qualifier in 2016

2nd + 3rd = entry fee for one national qualifier in 2016

Contact: Kelvin Daniel 426-8008/ 234-1659

Rohan Waithe 425-3974/269-3607

Nellon Collymore 834-2352