National Chess Championships 2015

12 player RR

90 mins + 30 sec increments from move one.

Drawing of lots; Saturday October 3rd at 6:30p.m following the National Blitz Championships which begins at 4:00p.m.

Dates & times = Tuesdays & Thursdays (to avoid loud music from Club Marina) 6:00p.m and Saturdays at 4:00p.m- OCT. 6,8,10,13,15,17,20,22,24, 27 & 29

2015 National Finalists

FM YuTien Poon

FM Martyn Del Castilho

IM Delisle Warner

Kemp Lynch

FM Orlando Husbands

Bryan Prescod

Jakeel Harewood

Jerome Harewood

WCM Katrina Blackman

Othniel Harewood

Mark Lowe

Justin Parsons